Communion in your LifeGroup

by: Shawn

Posted on March 30, 2015

The primary purpose of communion is dedicating time to remember all that Jesus did for us on the cross. It is a time to worship God and give thanks for the forgiveness that we have in Christ. This time is essential to growing with your LifeGroup.

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Facilitating Group Discussion

by: Matt

Posted on March 25, 2015

Everyone has something that they can talk about without thinking too hard. When you’re meeting new people, a fun game to play is to try and find their thing. I once had a lengthy conversation about Swedish Death Metal (an interesting musical sub-genre).

Maybe for you, it’s a particular sport that you play or follow. Or it could be a hobby or your work or your family. With just a little encouragement, we could probably get lost in conversation.

It’s easy to talk because you know what you’re talking about. Comfort and confidence give people freedom to respond to others without worrying about what to say.

Understanding this principle is the key to facilitating a group discussion.

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