What Should We Study Next?

by: Josh

Posted on April 28, 2015

“What should we study next?”  This might be the most frequent question that we get from LifeGroup leaders.  And rightfully so!  As we lead our groups to Know Christ more, we need some guidance - some solid teaching, some great questions.  That way, we can have great discussions that will lead us toward Christ and challenge us to live like Him. 

But where do you begin to look for that perfect study to do next?

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What do you do when Attendance Starts to Fizzle?

by: Jonathan

Posted on April 21, 2015

Attendance challenges are common and there are many variables that can cause a LifeGroup’s attendance to fizzle. Attendance fluctuations are completely normal, but as a leader it’s tempting to default to emotional reactions and take it personally. Is it me? Was it something I said? Do they not like our LifeGroup? In reality, the reasons could have nothing to do with you as a leader.

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