Grieving with your LifeGroup

by: Josh

Posted on May 28, 2015

This week has been a hard one in the lives of Gentry and Hadley Eddings and their families.  The tragic loss of their two sons, Dobbs and Reed - so young and innocent – is beyond hard.  Please keep them in your prayers!

As the Eddings family is part of our community, the family of Forest Hill Church, it also has been a hard week in the lives of those who attend the church, who are connected to the church, who are in your LifeGroup.

Each of us handles grief in a different way, and so many emotions flood in – sadness, fear, anger, even numbness – that it can be overwhelming.  And with every emotion comes a series of questions.   For me, when I heard the news of Dobbs, I was in my living room.  I heard crickets chirping outside and, on my computer, people were posting pictures of their vacations, concerts, a day on the lake.  I was confused and asked myself, “Shouldn’t the world be stopping and mourning?  How can people continue on as though nothing happened?”  For some who are dealing with fear, they may ask, “What if it were my children?”  Some people may be angry or confused and ask how a loving God could allow this to happen.  Some people may be questioning why they aren’t as upset as everyone else seems to be.  So many different reactions to one single event.  Shouldn’t there be a one-size-fits-all for grief?  Maybe there shoul Continue Reading

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Creating Transparency in your LifeGroup

by: Noelle

Posted on May 19, 2015

Many times, transparency within the group happens quickly and naturally. There are times however when groups need help opening up so that deeper connections can form. Deeper connections help people to know others in the group and to feel truly known.

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