Scrubbing-In to Starting Point with the Great Physician

by: Brian Carreira

Posted on June 29, 2016

Forest Hill is a growing church, and it has grown by attracting people from diverse spiritual backgrounds. In a city of churches nestled in the Bible Belt, it never fails to surprise me how fragile some of these backgrounds are. In many ways Forest Hill is very much like a spiritual hospital. It provides general wellness services; it has coronary care units where seekers’ hearts are laid bare and first exposed to the Gospel; neonatal wards for baby Christians; rehabilitation wings for people from destructive or inadequate church backgrounds, etc. In this hospital the Physician is hard at work, and He’s always looking for staff.

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Serving Together

by: Larry Shelby

Posted on June 22, 2016

Our men’s LifeGroup at the Ballantyne Campus has been together for nearly 8 years and has 16 men on the roster. A part of our mission at Forest Hill Church is to Go for Christ. We do this in LifeGroup by committing to actively volunteering for 4-6 serve projects a year.

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