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LifeGroup Essentials - Invite Involvement
March 30, 2016

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will allow you to be a better, happier leader – your LifeGroup is not actually your LifeGroup.

I can pretty much guarantee you that someone in your LifeGroup doesn’t know this. If that is you, then what I’m about to tell you should be good news.

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It's (almost) Christmas - Socials
November 19, 2015

We’re in the middle of a series highlighting ways that you and your LifeGroup can prepare for the holidays and celebrate Christmas together. Today’s topic is focused on finding a fun and simple way to organize a Christmas social for your group. Need some ideas? Read on …

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Group Socials: Beyond Dinner Out and Cookouts
July 1, 2015

Group socials are an extremely important element to the vitality of your LifeGroup. Socials allow the group to have a more relaxed arena to get know each other and simply spend time together. Every time I see my group’s attendance start to waiver, I ask myself, when was the last time we did a social?

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Inviting Others to Serve Without Begging
May 5, 2015

Serving is a part of the fabric of all healthy LifeGroups. When a group goes deep with a local service partner, each group member enjoys a shared experience of starting relationships cross culturally. Times of study become richer as a group dives into God’s Word and sees scripture through the lens of those who are hurting. Conversations during your socials will tend to move past the Panthers or new coffee shop and move instead into the neighborhood. You will see how serving impacts your group’s community and discipleship (and vice versa).

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What do you do when Attendance Starts to Fizzle?
April 21, 2015

Attendance challenges are common and there are many variables that can cause a LifeGroup’s attendance to fizzle. Attendance fluctuations are completely normal, but as a leader it’s tempting to default to emotional reactions and take it personally. Is it me? Was it something I said? Do they not like our LifeGroup? In reality, the reasons could have nothing to do with you as a leader.

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