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Blog Goes On Vacation!
June 26, 2017

Summer is a time to rest.  Though when we're packing bags and setting itineraries and making hotel reservations, it might not seem that way.  When we're on the beach, we hopefully take time to rest, to be with our families or loved ones, to bask in God's glorious creation.  In last week's blog, we talked about how summer is often a slow time for LifeGroups.  So, when you're a blog about LifeGroups, summertime is often a slow time for blogs too. 

So, the blog is going on vacation for a while.  We will return with new blog entries in mid-August.  Hope you have a great summer!  And may the God of rest and grace grant you and your families peace and happy memories this summer! 

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Summer is Here! What Do We Do About LifeGroup?
June 12, 2017

The summer is a lot of fun for adults, families, students, and kids. But for LifeGroup Leaders, summer can sometimes be frustrating. When I was a new LifeGroup Leader, I thought I was prepared for summer. My wife and I led a discussion with our group at the beginning of May to see if they wanted to meet during the summer or take some time off. They had expressed genuine and unanimous interest in continuing to meet weekly through June, July, and August. However, that interest turned out to be unrealistic. Between birthday parties, vacations, or family visits, my wife and I would often be ready to lead the group, but no one showed up, having cancelled at last minute. The experience we had was not unique to us. It’s actually quite common.

So, then, how do we navigate the summer months as LifeGroup Leaders? Let me give you a few tips I’ve learned over the years of leading a group that might help you plan for the summer.

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Service with a Smile
August 16, 2016

When I think of the word “service” there is a vast array of different things that come to mind. From a church service, to service in the military, to a cleaning service, all the way to the Secret Service. Although there are so many aspects of society where the term “service” is used with somewhat varying nuances, there seems to be a core concept involved with all of them. That is the idea of an “immaterial exchange of value” taking place. Put more simply: Time.

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Four Ways Your LifeGroup Can Care For You...
July 13, 2016

There is something that cars, houses, and our health have in common. They all need to have regular attention and care. Likewise, leading a LifeGroup requires that we take good care of ourselves in order to be effective leading our group. Here are a few ways you can engage others to help provide the care you need to be the best LifeGroup Leader possible:

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Grieving with your LifeGroup
May 28, 2015

This week has been a hard one in the lives of Gentry and Hadley Eddings and their families.  The tragic loss of their two sons, Dobbs and Reed - so young and innocent – is beyond hard.  Please keep them in your prayers!

As the Eddings family is part of our community, the family of Forest Hill Church, it also has been a hard week in the lives of those who attend the church, who are connected to the church, who are in your LifeGroup.

Each of us handles grief in a different way, and so many emotions flood in – sadness, fear, anger, even numbness – that it can be overwhelming.  And with every emotion comes a series of questions.   For me, when I heard the news of Dobbs, I was in my living room.  I heard crickets chirping outside and, on my computer, people were posting pictures of their vacations, concerts, a day on the lake.  I was confused and asked myself, “Shouldn’t the world be stopping and mourning?  How can people continue on as though nothing happened?”  For some who are dealing with fear, they may ask, “What if it were my children?”  Some people may be angry or confused and ask how a loving God could allow this to happen.  Some people may be questioning why they aren’t as upset as everyone else seems to be.  So many different reactions to one single event.  Shouldn’t there be a one-size-fits-all for grief?  Maybe there shoul

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