Pursuing Christ

Pursuing Christ

Pursuing Christ is an 8-week, video-based study that starts by exploring the glory of God’s Good News of redemption, forgiveness, and transformation.  Then, it searches the practical ways that God uses the Gospel to bring us closer to His likeness through His Word, prayer and community.  Finally, it studies how the Gospel works through us to impact the world for God’s glory.

This study has 4 main parts: (1) a Begin section to start the conversation, (2) a Learn section where you watch the video together in the LifeGroup and take notes, (3) a Connect section where you connect what you’ve learned with your experience, and (4) an Encounters section with 5 daily devotionals to be done before your next group session.

Whether you’re a new believer or someone who has been in church for a while, Pursuing Christ was written for you – to bring you closer to your heavenly Father who would give everything to pursue you.

Pursuing Christ Books and DVDs are available for purchase in our Resource Center at our South Park campus.

  • Pursuing Christ Books are $12.00
  • Pursuing Christ DVDs are $10.00.

You can also purchase an eBook version Pursuing Christ on iBooks or Amazon for $7.99.

A series introduction and the 8 session videos are available for free at www.fhcgroups.org/pursuingchrist.

A PDF copy of the Pursuing Christ book is available for free for download below.

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